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Yukon Warrior Weaponry

One of the best things about a game is the weapons it has. It gives you a sense of power and skill when using them correctly and mastering them allows for even more rewarding gameplay. We’ve decided to go with three base weapons for Yukon Warrior: bow & arrow, tomahawk, and fist. ┬áCombining these three weapons gives the game a sense of range/scale with the bow & arrow being long distance, tomahawk mid-distance, and fist as the close up weapon. You will be rewarded differently depending on the weapon you use. The bow and arrow will produce the most damage, but is the hardest to control since you have to account for the enemy speed as well as gravity. The tomahawk does medium damage, but you only have three of them to use, so you should only use them sparingly. The fist does little damage, but feels good to use because it knocks smaller enemies back quite a ways. Mixing the use of these weapons (with upgrades providing increased damage) will be integral to your success against the waves of enemies.

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