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Yukon Warrior our first game

Yukon Warrior was inspired by “They Grey”

It was the first game we ever made, it was completed in a year working on it part time on weekends and after work. The original inspiration came from the movie “The Grey” With Liam Neeson. We’ve learned so much since this game!

Yukon Warrior is rated !

Grab your tomahawk and get ready for adventure. This side-scrolling winter adventure will have you screaming while rabbits try to eat you! Over the course of the game, players are rewarded with many choices for upgrades and the opportunity to earn spirit points. Players decide what kinds of attacks they like to use and are able to upgrade that skill. Aside from bloodthirsty polar bears and jackalopes, giant hawks drop deadly poops on unsuspecting players.

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  • 10 well-balanced levels
  • Endgame “the last stand” for endless challenge
  • Global high scores
  • 21 different ways to upgrade your warrior
  • Intuitive, gesture-based attacks
  • 20 achievements
  • Developed for iOS7


This game surprised me. It’s fun, easy to pick up and play and has a lot going on i.e. power-ups, weapons, upgrades etc. I love that the app shows you your global rank after each wave. I think if the devs stick with this one they have an AppStore success on their hands…great job RareSloth Games! Rich_952000 (toucharcade)

Love love love this game!!!! Demod1 (appstore)

This game seemed pretty simple at first, and it is, but I think that’s what makes it so addictive. It’s one of those games you can pick up and play a round quickly, but you end up playing a lot because you keep getting slightly better each go. After a few weeks of playing I still find myself tweaking my strategy even though the actual mechanics are pretty straightforward. Not a lot of flashiness or gimmicks, just well designed “pick-up and play” game mechanics. JeremyWhite (appstore)

I love this game the same way I love knightmare tower. Totally different game but both are challenging almost to the point where you think you hit a wall but then the power ups are earned and they change the game! Love this game! Tdogg33 (appstore)

Great game, I’ve finally mastered the bow but haven’t finished the final level. It always leaves me wanting more!! KakeyDicholson (appstore)

This game is super addictive Cerhodes (appstore)

challenging almost to the point where you think you hit a wall but then the power ups are earned and they change the game! Love this game! Tdogg33 (appstore)

Can’t wait for the next update!!! Cuttiepatoottie (appstore)

What a nice surprising find this was. You get more power ups as you advance, health, invincibility, slowing time etc alongside being able to upgrade your weapons and hero abilities. You earn spirit in game and you get limo sums of the stuff as you complete levels. The iaps are very reasonable priced, the highest being £1.99, I bought the doubler at 69p but I was able to earn enough spirit to upgrade at a steady rate without it. Like the way you know what’s coming by the animal sounds, it’s a great take on the endless genre, and for free it’s defiantly worth checking out. Cloudpuff (toucharcade)

I was competently surprised how addicted i got to this game! It has a good upgrade system and controls really well. Plus there is no iap that I can find so it’s completey free. These are the devs we should support and I hope that a future update includes iap so I can buy something to support the devs to make more content and games TTotully (toucharcade)

I usually don’t like games of this genre but the fluid gameplay, aesthetic visuals, and overall feel of Yukon Warrior makes the game highly addictive. As a show of support, I purchased 25,000 spirit coins (or whatever the currency is) for $1.99. More developers have to create games of this quality Frisbee10461 (toucharcade)

Really enjoying this game. Unlike other runners where the focus is on speed and evasion, here it’s about timing and prioritizing your enemies. You can get some nice combos too, for example by knocking an enemy off you and hitting in mid air with an arrow or tomahawk. You also have several different abilities at your disposal as well as numerous skills to upgrade. Game is also level based (well, called waves here) and has a great art style, with smooth animations. Bronxta (toucharcade) 

The game looks really clean and it runs smooth too. Free and worth a shot! Echoen (toucharcade) 

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Evil has entered the Yukon. Your fellow villagers are dying. Their limbs have been torn, their faces shredded, staining the snow red. There, you almost missed it. Something is coming for you, quietly and fast… a rabbit with blazing eyes and a blood-stained mouth. You have no choice but to find weapons and defend yourself. But rabbits are just the beginning. All creatures have been possessed by evil spirits. They’re strong and quick and they want your blood. You must fight back… or die.

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