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game changing ideas

Game Changing Ideas

A good game never ships in the same form as it once was in the early stages of prototyping. Sure, you started with a decent idea on paper, but when you tried it out with actual interaction, it wasn’t fun. This being our first game, Yukon Warrior has already seen the many core components crumpled up and tossed in the recycling bin. It is inevitable, you’re bound to make mistakes when you try to realize a vision. However, change is not a bad thing. Being open to change, and programming/design art in a way that embraces change will lead to easier transitions to new ideas. These new ideas are what start to shape the end product, one day at a time. We are constantly breaking down what we current have to build it up stronger and fuller. The trick is to keep the initial vision and gameplay mechanics in mind when making changes, or you will start to spin your tires.

We wanted to keep our game simple, but we also want it to be solid. The game was feeling a little too light with just simple bow & arrow and tomahawk attacks, and too slow with the constant walking. This prompted us to make a decision to add more features so we can start to solidify our game. We just added “dashing” so the hero can plow through handfuls of enemies to keep the pace of the game active and lively. We also added the ability to melee and throw the tomahawk with the same control (swipe right) so the game feels more intuitive and the player can make quicker decisions. From the aesthetics side, we’re starting to pile on some nice visuals like enemies latching on the hero after they jump and little blood spurts when getting hit with projectiles.

Changing the game by making it more complex certainly increases development time, but it was something we felt we needed. Playing the game now feels more wholesome and rewarding – our future players will experience the same feeling.

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