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So… What’s next?

A few of our friends have asked us what’s next for RareSloth! Here is what we have planned so far for the rest of this year (subject to change):

Updating King Rabbit (2016)

As long as people keep playing King Rabbit and loving it, we will work to keep it updated. We can’t keep up with your demand, so we’re hiring some level designers to help.

  • New levels – We will finish out 4 more Hell level packs and we’ll be working on our next theme. Expect a bunch of new levels early May. 🙂
  • Wasteland / Desert theme (Summer) – More hot stuff
  • New items – Pistons? Love turrets? Enemies?
  • New customization – Need a fresh look for your rabbit?
  • Winter theme (Holidays) – Lets cool off a bit, alright?

A new game (2016 – 2017)

King Rabbit can’t be the game we work on forever, so we’re going to be working on a new experience! We’re still very unsure of what we’re going to make, but we’re playing with some multiplayer ideas and different art styles. We’ll start sharing some stuff as soon as we have a more clear direction.

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