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sapphire expansion

Sapphire Expansion

This 64-level sapphire expansion features a special collection of community made levels. These levels are difficult, creative, or otherwise entertaining. It will be available on June 29, 2017 for $1.99.

Since the release of the level builder the community has created over 20,000 levels, 9,200 of which are published. With this many levels and more being added every day, you’ll turn into an old raisin before you can finish them.

Our goal with this expansion is to provide a condensed set of the best of these levels… We also want to showcase the creative power of the community while giving credit to the level creators. Another perk of this expansion is that it will be available to play offline! Some of these levels are incredibly difficult, and there will be no hints available. >:)

Each level creator that has a level in the expansion will get the expansion for free as well as 1,200 diamonds as a thank you. We have also loaded each of these levels with extra diamonds and item packs as a special thanks for your purchase and supporting our indie studio.

A considerable amount of time was spent selecting levels to be included in this expansion. There are surely many more amazing levels that we have yet to discover.

Did you hear? We are making King Rabbit 2

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