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Ruby expansion design competition

We will be selecting 64 player-made King Rabbit levels to be featured in the Ruby expansion!


  • Free Ruby level expansion upon release ($1.99)
  • 1200 in-game diamonds ($11.99)
  • Your level will appear in the expansion
  • Your username is shown at level start

How to win

  • Simply create a level and publish!
  • Make your level difficult and mind bending – but not impossible or frustrating. Read these level design tips.
  • Share your level with us on twitter @RareSloth.  There are 8,000 community levels and we won’t be able to evaluate all of them


  • Competition deadline: May 15
  • Winners notified: May 22
  • Update available in AppStore: June 1
  • Prizes sent to winners: June 3


  • Any levels you have previously made are eligible unless it has already been chosen for the Emerald expansion.

3 Comments on “Ruby expansion design competition

    • We just found out about this, it’s broken. We’ll have it fixed for the next update, sorry!

  1. I suspected it was impossible! I’m glad that it’s confirmed. Phenomenal game. I always look forward to new levels!

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