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Broadcasting and fall update

Hey friend. We’re squeezing in a small update this month to be released on October 27th, 2016 (get notified). We’re still on track to release our winter update and level builder update in the coming months! Some lucky players from our mailing list will be able to test the level builder within the next month.


Show off your King Rabbit gameplay with ease. One way to stream is to download Mobcrush on your iOS device. You will also be able to record your gameplay for easy uploading to YouTube. Since broadcasting is very new, you will only be able to broadcast if you have iOS10 installed on a newer device.


Fall and Halloween-themed customizations to get festive with your gameplay. If there is a customization option that you really want, let us know on Twitter. 🙂

Fire for all

Great news! The Fire Adventures expansion will be free for everyone to play. It will be unlocked after you find 240 gold. If you already bought the expansion, you will receive 3 free hints and 400 free gems automatically ($7.00 USD value).

Why are you making the fire expansion free?

In January we are adding a level builder to King Rabbit. With this addition, players will be able to play unlimited levels for free. It wouldn’t be right to charge for player-made levels. Therefore, there is little incentive (other than being awesome) to purchase our expansions. We will be releasing 64 winter themed levels on November 17th, and those will be free as well. 🙂

7 Comments on “Broadcasting and fall update

  1. J’ai payé pour l’aventure de feu, mais maintenant il est gratuit. Vous dite qu’il y a un cadeau pour ceux qui on payé; quel es-t’il car je ne l’ai pas recu! Merci

    • Hi Yanick, you should be getting 3 free hints and 400 gems. Just go into the game and you should see a modal. Let me know if you don’t see this.


  2. Hey team,

    When I updated the app, it stopped working altogether. Did you guys increase the system requirements? (iOS 7 user here… I know, I know, I should upgrade)

    • Hi Bruno, yes, we did increase the system requirement to iOS 8 in version 1.4.0. You should be able to delete and reinstall the app to bring it back to 1.3.1 to keep playing.

  3. Salut Yanick,
    Voilà ce qui écrit dans le mail envoyé par RareSloth :
    L’expansion de Aventures de Feu est maintenant gratuite pour tout le monde à jouer. Il sera débloqué après avoir trouvé 100 ors. Si vous avez déjà acheté l’expansion, vous recevrez 3 conseils gratuits et 400 sans gemmes automatiquement.

  4. hello,
    I opened the game on the flashback … I super like this game .. I use the classmates mobile phone clearance of the fire adventure, I got all the diamonds and gold coins, looking forward to the new level.I use iPhone5 :(

    • Hi there,

      Do you have the latest version installed? Are you using iOS10? We’ll get this figured out, new levels coming next week!

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