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Limited edition Rabbits

This update (released on Steam Early access June 10, 2019) is special because it introduces limited edition rabbits. Only 100 of every rabbit will ever be available. Each rabbit includes an ID from #1 to #100. The ID you get upon purchasing a rabbit will be randomly chosen from the remaining ID’s.

Why should I buy a rabbit?

Once they’re gone, they’re gone. As the player base grows and expands onto other platforms like console and mobile, getting rabbits will become increasingly competitive. It’s early now and competition isn’t so fierce. Buying a rabbit now could be a good investment. 😉

Where will my rabbit be seen by other players?

When players play your levels, they will see your “rabbitar” at the top of the screen. In future updates, we will be introducing more social / multiplayer features where you can show off your rabbit in style.

How do I get a rabbit?

Currently the only way to obtain a rabbit is to buy one with premium currency in the rabbit tab.

Can I sell my rabbits?

Yes, in the future we will be adding features to sell your characters. In other words, your assets will not be locked to your account like other games (i.e. Hearthstone).

I had claimed a founders rabbit before, where is it?

If you were one of the earliest adopters and you previously claimed your founders rabbit, you’ll see it now in your account’s rabbit tab.

Any other questions?

Ask away in Discord.

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