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King Rabbit Winter expansion

Level builder and Winter expansion!

King Rabbit Winter expansion!

Earth has frozen over and new life emerges from the shadows. Winter has come. You can expect 64 great new levels in a fresh theme. Of course you’ll have new items, enemies, and Rabbit customizations to explore. We’ll be posting specific teasers via twitter, instagram, and the TouchArcade forums. 🙂

We will be releasing the King Rabbit Winter expansion completely free just in time for the holidays.

Winter expansion release date: November 17, 2016

King Rabbit level builder!

Hurrah! We have long desired adding a level builder to King Rabbit, and had previously delayed development on it to focus on the release of King Rabbit. A level builder is hugely complex for many reasons which is why this decision was not to be taken lightly. We’ve committed to this monumental task and its going to be great! The builder will be added to the existing King Rabbit App.

Level builder release date: January 11, 2017

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9 Comments on “Level builder and Winter expansion!

  1. Thank you for this great game. My two daughters love it too. Looking forward to the new winter expansion.

    Mark, Amelia and Grace

  2. King Rabbit is the best iPad game. We love it – can’t wait for the next. It’s original and challenging – thanks – Harriet and Raphael

    • Hey thanks, glad you are enjoying the game! We’re super excited to update the game in November so you’ll have lots of new levels to try.


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