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level builder pre-release

King Rabbit level builder pre-release FAQ

We’re very excited to see what kind of stuff you will create, thank you for participating! If you have a question not answered here, let us know in the comment section below.

[IMPORTANT] How to finish / publish your level!

1.) Name your level

2.) Place 3 obtainable coins

3.) Beat the level yourself (with 3 coins). This ensures that beating the level is possible.

4.) Save the level

Your level should now be published! Come back later and see what kind of rating players have given your level.

If you modify your level, you need to beat it and save it again.

Note: we will be making this whole process a lot more intuitive in the next update.

Invite e-mail blank or not working?

This is a known issue which requires us to manually re-add you to testflight. Please e-mail us at and let us know and we’ll get it straightened out.

How do I get more items?

There’s a random chance of finding an item pack in any given community level. All you have to do is play community levels to find them. Since this is the pre-release, there may not be very many levels to play through until players build more levels. At a later time you can get more items via gifts, watching ads, and In-App Purchases.

Will I get to keep the items I find in the pre-release?

Yes! All created levels and items are tied to your account.

If I delete a level, what happens to the items in that level?

All of your hard-earned items will be returned to your inventory!

I found a bug! Now what?

Great! Let us know which level you found it on.

Why isn’t anyone playing my level?

It may not have been published. See “How to finish / publish your level”. You’ll know if your level is published if after a few minutes you see a rating next to your level.

Why can’t I share my level with my friends?

You will be able to when the game is officially released. During the pre-release version, sharing will be disabled.

When will the builder be officially released?

January, 2017 is the plan!


You’re experiencing an early version! We have many improvements coming. You might experience some bugs / glitches while playing and building. By participating you also agree to the updated Terms Of Service.

More questions? Please comment below!

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    • Your progress will still be there after you install the TestFlight build. Either way, make sure iCloud is turned on in the options menu to be safe!

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