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King Rabbit – Officially released!

King Rabbit launched on the AppStore March 23, 2016. If you didn’t hear the news, we’ve renamed “Furdemption 2” to “King Rabbit”.


  • There will be 96 levels in the initial release, and we plan to add more levels (and themes) in subsequent releases. Be patient though, there are only two of us and we want to do a quality job.
  • Localized in 13 languages… A big undertaking for our small company.
  • Custom music for every level pack crafted by independent music contractors, we support indies too!
  • Achievements and leaderboards
  • Blood will be turned off by default, and easy to turn on in the options menu.
  • Customize the King Rabbit’s death!
  • iCloud support
  • Universal on iOS, exclusively iOS


Our monetization strategy was hotly debated on We carefully considered every comment and e-mail. We’ve worked hard to design our monetization so that its fair to the players, while keeping food in our bellies long enough to release another game. As always, we want to be transparent with our decisions.

King Rabbit will cost $.99 to download. Enjoy unlimited lives and stamina :).

Our optional IAP’s are as follows:


If you get stuck, you can buy hints to help you beat the level and find all of the coins.


Diamonds are well-hidden in the levels, so it feels good when you find them. You can also collect free gifts with diamonds in them. If you’re feeling slothy and don’t collect all of the King’s gold, you may have to spend diamonds to unlock the next pack of levels. Diamonds will also be used customize the King Rabbit. For the release, you’ll be able to customize how the King Rabbit dies. We plan to add more customization options in the future.

Slow Time:

This ability slows down all moving objects, except for the King Rabbit. This power gives you a little help to beat those challenging action levels. You can buy this ability with Diamonds or a 1-time purchase for infinite charges.

Beta Testing

We are no longer taking new beta testers. In the future if you want early access to our games you can subscribe here. Our existing subscribers will be able to continue playing. 🙂

18 Comments on “King Rabbit – Officially released!

  1. I’m a visually-paired iPhone user. this sounds like an awesome game, would love it if you could make your games accessible with Voiceover.

    • Hi Donna,

      We would love to do that. I will do some research on the topic, and would love to hear your suggestions for games that have executed it well. Keep in touch!


  2. Hi there!

    Please get in contact with me, I have been playing this game non stop. It’s brilliant. But I have suddenly lost all my progress and am back to level one! What’s happened? Please help.


    • Hi Dan, sending you an e-mail now so we can get this problem fixed!


  3. Just won your swag bucket at IU Lan Wars! Thanks! Enjoyed King Rabbit at your demo at the Monroe County Public Library a few weeks ago too.

    • The website is only in English right now, sorry! You can use Google Chrome to translate the page.


  4. In Level 1-13, the reaper will not chop down the tree. That’s the only diamond that I’m missing in Level 1! 🙁

    • That bug should be fixed in the update coming out tomorrow (6/16)!

  5. Are you planning on making king rabbit accessible to Android in the near future?

    • The current King Rabbit will not be available for Android, but we do plan on making King Rabbit – Furever available in the future. No timelines yet. Stay up to date by getting on our mailing list:

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