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King Rabbit Ice Adventures expansion


This is our biggest King Rabbit update ever! The update will be completely free available to play on Nov 17th. This update has been in production for a very long time, and its finally ready. Here are the highlights:

  • 64 new levels in a winter theme
  • 3 rabbit skins & other customizations
  • New items: ice ground & wall, pistons, ice and poison crowns, heart turret, and more!
  • New enemy: snowman
  • New enemy variations: fire, poison, ice


In preparation for our level builder update, we will be releasing an early version exclusively to 2,000 players on our mailing list. Since there are nearly infinite possible level combinations, there are likely to be a lot of little bugs that we need to work out. Our early beta testers can help us find these little buggers so we can fix them for the release. Testers can also send us feedback anytime if they have any suggestions on how to improve the level building experience. We expect to send out beta invites in the first week of December.


We plan to release the level builder for King Rabbit on January 11, 2017! This will significantly improve your King Rabbit experience as you’ll be able to create your own level experiences and play levels made by others. Building levels has always been time consuming for us, so the builder feature removes the bottleneck of us creating and releasing levels at a sloth pace. We love the idea of getting players creatively engaged, its good for the mind and its fun!

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    • Unfortunately we won’t be coming to Android with King Rabbit due to game engine limitations. 😞 Ultimately, porting it over to Android would require an entire re-write which is way too much for our small studio to handle. You can be assured though that our next product will be on Android as well!

      Stay in touch for our next game.


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