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King Rabbit Builder Shortcuts

Since the first release of King Rabbit will be on PC, it gives us the opportunity to add some keyboard shortcuts to the level builder. These new shortcuts will make the building experience much smoother and easier to accomplish your ideas. Here’s the full list.

SaveCmd + S
UndoCmd + Z
RedoCmd + Shift + Z
Play modeCmd + P
Build modeCmd + B
Pan cameraRight Drag
Select itemLeft Click
Place duplicatesWhen having an item in hand, Cmd + Left Click to place duplicates of that item
Cycle item variationWhen having an item in hand, press Tab or the Number keys to change the variation (i.e. fire/ice/poison turrets)
Select/Move multiple tilesShift + Left Drag to select, then Left Drag to move
Edit itemRight Click
Cycle edit layerWhen editing an item, press Tab to cycle through the layers on the tile. You can also right click the tile again to cycle layers.
End editingEsc
Erase itemAlt + Left Click

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