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King Rabbit 2 – Announcement

We are officially making King Rabbit 2. Over the last few months we have been experimenting with a few game prototypes but nothing really “stuck”. It’s very important for us to work on a game that we can be passionate about long-term. King Rabbit is our flagship product, the best thing we’ve made, and something we still enjoy working on. We feel there’s still so much that could be done to make King Rabbit the ultimate puzzle-platforming experience. Here are some of our plans:


We will be changing the implementation from Cocos2d to Unity. Porting to unity requires re-coding the whole game. This is a huge undertaking but will allow us to publish on multiple platforms. King Rabbit is only on iOS and hundreds of people have asked us if it will be coming to Android, we can finally say we are! We feel that the gameplay simplicity of King Rabbit will work perfectly on PC and Console. We haven’t committed to a particular console, but King Rabbit feels like a good fit for the Nintendo brand!

A better community

We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of building a strong community. You saw the first of this with the level builder update where you can build and share your levels. This can all be improved, first we need to define what we want to achieve with our community:

  • Create a thriving ecosystem that provides constant value and enjoyment.
  • Make players more visible, provide a platform to thrive and build a reputation.
  • Give players the tools to create their own stories and challenges
  • Allow players to follow, unite, and connect with others.

Refined and pure

Its important that we keep the core of the game the same, so you can expect similar gameplay.

Porting the game allows us to refine every aspect. Re-architecting the game will give us a strong foundation and allow us to add more items and mechanics. In terms of art, we will move away from the retro feel and adopt something more smooth and modern. The animations and visual effects will all improve.

Your feedback is important!

Your feedback and support is a form of fuel for us. A sincere thank you to all of our fans over the past few years, you are the reason this is all happening. We are still very early in the development process, and we want to hear your thoughts. Now is the best time to pour your heart out and let us know what your dream for King Rabbit looks like. Submit your feedback now.

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  1. I love this game but now have a Samsung phone. When will this be available on Android? I’m desperate to play it again!

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