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INFINITE building and diamond expansion

We should be working on King Rabbit 2 right now. With iOS11 around the corner we decided to make a small update to King Rabbit. It turned out to be something much more!

INFINITE items, INFINITE building

Something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time is allow players to use all items without limitations. Now you can unlock unlimited items for the level builder for $7.99. This includes all rare and legendary items that you normally find in items packs. Grounds and walls will still be limited so the game performs well on all devices, but we will be increasing the max number of grounds and walls by a small amount. For those players who have already purchased item packs of any quantity, we will automatically upgrade your account to “infinite builder” status. We want to show our gratitude for your early adopter support, thank you! We hope this update will make builders happy as well as further improve the overall quality and creativity of level designs. We can’t wait to see what you create. <3

Diamond Expansion

We have added a fourth expansion to bring the total campaign levels to 512. It was difficult once again to choose only 64 levels of the thousands of community levels. If you have already purchased all three expansions, this one will be on the house. That’s right, the diamond expansion is FREE for those who bought the previous 3 expansions. Thank you for supporting indie game development.

Other updates

  • Free players can now obtain free item packs in the store at any time by watching an ad.
  • Added a “don’t ask again” button in the gift reminder modal.
  • Diamond rabbit skin
  • New run and death particle effects
  • Minor UI design improvements
  • Increased max # of grounds and walls in builder 😉
  • Updated the soundtrack in the homescreen

Level builder stats

Total Levels Created: 24016
Total Levels Published: 11137

2 Comments on “INFINITE building and diamond expansion

    • We’re planning on making it easier to play old levels in KR2. Right now, the best way to save a level yourself is to Pause > Share > Save to Note.

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