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Hopping away from Pay to Play

Furdemption 2 is on its way and looking great. Something very important is eating away at us. We’ve always cringed at the notion of games going way overboard with IAPs and Ads… Unfortunately, F2P is largely the direction the mobile market has gone. Market forces are a bully, and we feel a little backed into a corner.

Furdemption 1 has been viewed in the AppStore 1,318,657 times. Of these views less than 1.4% of people bought the game. It was featured several times, including best new games back in June. TouchArcade reviewed it.

Turning to fans on TouchArcade and beyond for feedback

As core gamers ourselves its rare that we will buy IAP’s, that’s just who we are. We’re gamers from a different generation and may have a different mental model of how things should work.
We love Furdemption and see a lot of potential for long lasting improvements in Furdemption 2. The possible level designs are already limitless… The game already has a lot of mechanical depth and we have plenty of ideas for new themes and items. It’s clear to us that without some kind of sustainable income from repeat purchases, we will not be able to continue updating the game.
You’ve already seen many articles and arguments about the premium game struggle.

Our plans for Furdemption 2

Furdemption 2 will be free with the following IAP:
Lives – They’ll replenish over time and you can get more by watching ads or spending money.
Hints – If you get stuck you use a hint to progress. You will not be able to skip levels to progress.
Slow Time – On the action levels, “slow time” gives you a better chance at beating the level.
You’ll be able to beat the game without spending anything. Buying IAP’s will only reduce the amount of time it takes to progress and provide a crutch for less skilled players. A skilled player can complete many more levels using the same amount of lives as a novice. Our goal is to maximize fun for all, so we feel this is the right decision.
Brian and Austin from RareSloth

2 Comments on “Hopping away from Pay to Play

  1. Personally, I’d like the option to just buy the game for 2 or 3 bucks after a free trial of 10 or 15 levels. As an fan/purchaser of Furdemption, it would be an automatic buy anyway.

  2. Hi guys,

    My co-founder Mathilde and I met Austin briefly at Casual Games Connect last summer. I love furdemption, awesome execution. We’ve been working on F2P games since 2009 or so, mostly with simulation games on Facebook, and now 3 small prototypes in development on mobile. My instinct is that you guys in wanting to be fair and ethical will tend to under monetize your players and that may end up hurting your survivability. If you don’t want to do lives, maybe consider a straight up energy system that doesn’t penalize you for losing or trying but rather is set up to pace how many levels can be unlocked to play per day for example. PvZ2 has a similar level based structure and they’ve managed to do much better monetizing it these days, maybe take a look at that. Also, if you could have different collectible avatars a la crossy road I think that would also be a good fit (but potentially expensive in terms of 2d animation). Taking furdemption F2P is a tough problem… my conclusion is that it’s hard to come up with new and fair F2P monetization and most stuff doesn’t work… so it’s best to try to figure out how best to make the existing techniques as fair as possible in your game. Anyhoo, hope that helps, I want you guys to win!

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