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Fire Adventures Update

King Rabbit is getting an awesome update coming out May 12th, the Fire Adventures Update!

16 campaign levels 

The campaign continues. Free for all players! You can now see which levels have diamonds in them.

64 new levels in the Fire Adventures Expansion.

These levels all have fur-scorching fire elements in them. Prepare yourself for some beautifully designed and challenging levels! King Rabbit now has 176 levels with more expansions planned. On sale for $.99 for the first 72 hours after release, after 72 hours the price will go up to $1.99.

8 new characters

Peach, Snobby, Albino, Demon, Jackalope, Leprechaun, Zombie, Lovely. Unlockable with diamonds.

10 new customizations

As you run, leave behind a trail of clovers, hearts, bones and more! Unlockable with diamonds.

8 new achievements

5 new leaderboards

Customize Rabbits

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