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Ethereum and King Rabbit – Furever

We have been interested in the applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the game space, and how they can improve our customer experience. Here are our plans to integrate Ethereum wallets into King Rabbit – Furever.

Easy deposits and withdrawals

A simple Ethereum wallet gives you the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds. This makes it easy to spend ETH on in-game content. Players will still be able to use traditional methods to buy in-game currency, using Ethereum is completely optional.

Let players buy and sell content

Our community has built over 16,000 levels on King Rabbit with their iOS devices. As we improve and expand to other markets we expect the volume of player-created levels to balloon. We think it would be awesome for our players to be able to buy and sell their content. This includes 100% unique rabbits.

Rebalancing whaleth

Whales (big spenders) are what is driving the video game industry and more effort is being spent by big companies to acquire and monetize these whales. They do this because .15% of players generates 50% of in-game revenue. In a world where we have dramatic wealth inequality we think it be cool to redistribute a little of that wealth. We can accomplish this simply by letting players sell their in-game content to those willing to buy. Players can support their favorite level builders and community members simply by buying their levels.

We won’t be using the blockchain technology for in-game content. We will only be using the Ethereum network for currency deposits and withdrawals. 

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