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King Rabbit Bugs

Howdy, players! We know there’s a lot of bugs that have popped up in King Rabbit over the years, so we’ve finally put together a page where you can see what we know about, what we’re working on, and what should be fixed. We’re only a team of two and only half of us are programmers (yes, there’s only one programmer), plus we’re going full steam ahead on the new King Rabbit – Furever, so please be patient!

If you find a bug that isn’t on this list, please head over to our Discord channel and drop a line in the #bugs channel or send us a message through our feedback form. Thanks for your help!

Known Bugs


  • Ground tiles are sometimes not rendered (you can see through to the water/lava), but still work as grounds.
  • Eyeball decal doesn’t get hidden when blood turned off
  • Wooden crates in water can go through grounds sometimes
  • Running between two extending pistons can keep the rabbit stuck between them
  • Moving linked grounds can reverse direction multiple times when easing and getting hit by other grounds


  • Lever/switch links to moving items don’t get unlinked when removing the movement from the moving item
  • Sometimes the piston’s paddle gets stuck in the level when moving it


  • Diamond pack completion achievements are not ordered correctly
  • Links to play levels opens to the App Store sometimes

Fixed in 2.7.5 (08/??/2018)

  • Running into an extended piston makes rabbit fall through the ground sometimes
  • Display freezes when retrying a level and the “Use a Hint?” modal appears
  • Ice ground tile gets updated incorrectly when a holy water is next to it
  • Slipping through enemies on ice

Fixed in 2.7.4 (07/14/2018)

  • Getting the same community level after skipping sometimes
  • Builder item inventory resetting