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Super secrets in the sequel

New super secrets in Furdemption 2 may never be discovered

We’ve always been fans of secrets in games, there’s something special about finding a super secret easter egg. It feels good to figure out or stumble upon something hidden, like you’re a metal detector finding gold for the first time. Secrets unlock a special part of the game that other less adventurous players won’t ever get to experience. Knowing about a secret allows you to share that knowledge with friends, blowing their minds. We want to do something similar in Furdemption 2, some secrets will be easier to discover, and others will be nearly impossible… Which is why we’re calling them “super secrets”. We were very impressed with the players over at TouchArcade and their ability to discover secrets, so now we’re going to take it to the next level.

A memorable first experience with secrets in games would be the hidden blocks in the original Super Mario Bros. The hidden block is such a simple, tiny part of the game that rewards you with extra lives or allows you to bypass levels completely. You can play the whole game and still enjoy it, but knowing about and using the hidden blocks just makes it more fun. There’s really no way of knowing about them unless you accidentally find them or you’re deliberately searching.

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