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Sokoban in Furdemption

What is Sokoban?

Sokoban is Japanese for “warehouse keeper”, so it’s not surprising these games feature a character pushing crates to desired locations. Sokoban games are logic based and usually require a specific movement path to get crates to the right places. Since you can’t pull crates, you’ll often find yourself stuck on a puzzle after pushing a crate into a corner. Furthermore, only one crate can be pushed at a time, limiting the number of movement choices.


Classic Sokoban

Sokoban, Evolved

If you’ve ever played a puzzle adventure where you explore a world as a character, odds are you’ve pushed a crate (see: Zelda, Tomb Raider, Limbo). Crates are the basic building blocks of physical puzzle games. For this reason, the first item we wanted to include in Furdemption was a wooden crate. We didn’t know anything about Sokoban when we started creating Furdemption, but Furdemption’s strong puzzle nature would eventually lead us to building Sokoban-like puzzles. However, we wanted to make Furdemption more exciting than just being a warehouse keeper.

Pushing Crates in Furdemption

Pushing Crates in Furdemption

In Furdemption, you can push wooden crates into lava to destroy them or push them into water to create a floating bridge. You can push them into saws or set them on fire to get rid of them completely, or put them on pressure plates to keep something else moving. On top of that we have a metal variant of the crate that allows you to do different things like block moving saws from destroying you. The Rabbit King has more purpose to his crate pushing, which we think Sokoban fans will find refreshing.

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