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Shooting spiders will haunt you

Shooting spiders that shoot their heads and regrow them

In Furdemption 1 poison-shooting spiders make you swell up and explode. We added another projectile thats even better – spiders that shoot their heads at you, with two legs still attached for…. propulsion? They can regrow their heads infinitely. When projectiles collide, they will both “break”. Here are the kinds of head shooting spiders we think are going to be in the release:

Neutral: Heads can break walls and splatter you into pieces
Demolition: Shoots an explosive head, self destructs upon dying

We’re going to have a whole new action gameplay mode separate from the puzzles, so things are going to get crazy fun. This action mode is going to let us design very intense hopping levels where it is difficult to survive. You might compare it to the feeling you get when you play Geometry Dash or Super Meat Boy. The levels will be shorter than Geometry Dash, but we’ll have more of them to play.

We have another enemy in the works that is also going to be shooting projectiles. We’ll announce what it is soon. Warm up those fingers, its going to get crazy! Let us know what you think about these spider heads in the comments below.

A deep chill tingles my ears as I hear the screams of my rabbit citizens in the distant forest… Ever since we were kittens (term for baby rabbit) our parents would warm us of the dangers beyond the castle walls. No one really knows how the spiders gained magic powers, legends say the spider queen sold her soul to the demons in exchange for powerful offspring.

– Rabbit King

Disclaimer: we’re going to be iterating on lots of stuff here, so expect the final release in March, 2016 to look even better!

head shooting spiders

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