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Rabbit King special abilities

Rabbit King will smite his enemies using magic crowns

The rabbits typically rely on their intellect over physical strength. However, the Rabbit King has exclusive access to some magic abilities via crowns. Sometimes you will face a choice of which crown to pick up. For example you don’t want to be wearing a fire crown when you need to push a bomb.

The Spike Crown: This turns you into a hateful beast. Gives you ability to crush walls and smash your enemies.
The Fire Crown: This gives you immunity to fire. You can also set your enemies and anything wooden on fire!
The Gold Crown: This is the standard “default” crown that the king wears… Its super comfy.

Note to Furdemption 1 players: The spike crown will behave just like the rage crown. We are doing this because we found that players didn’t want to pick up the rage item because they thought it would kill them. It also fits nicely with the story that there are different crowns for the Rabbit King to wear.

The fire crown was created by the master blacksmith. In order to create the fire crown, he had to sacrifice his firstborn in a fire ritual. The spike crown was created from smelted down hate-metal which was acquired from a demon’s scythe. The scythe’s blade was removed from a fallen rabbit warrior.  Sometimes great sacrifices need to be made for the greater good of the Kingdom.

– Rabbit King

Disclaimer: we’re going to be iterating on lots of stuff here, so expect the final release in March, 2016 to look even better! Let us e-mail you when we release the game!

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