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Prototyping Furdemption

We built a paper prototype to better visualize the different moving parts. Its also very helpful as a communication tool when trying to explain how something’s supposed to work. Its super cheap and fast to make and saves a ton of programming time. Moving bits of paper around is even faster than our already fast level editor. Just being able to rapidly manipulate a physical object is much faster and forgiving than an interface.

Building it out

Its helpful to throw a few environmental constraints out first at random and then playing with what might work.

Build notes

Putting tape on the pieces makes them slide easier on the paper so we’re putting tape on the moving pieces. We cut out some Tetris shapes that represent lava and stone walls. An old iPhone box serves great for the little pieces.

Transferring to the level editor

Right now we’re just taking a picture and writing a few notes down. Then we’ll build it out on our level editor and add a little polish. Then of course testing how it plays and iterating from there.

Level Design

Its important to create something that’s challenging – its not immediately clear, has the potential for multiple outcomes. Limited in visual noise and extra pieces.


In Furdemption there can be multiple parts moving around on their own without any interaction. Its hard to see all of these interacting because it can’t be seen in real time. There will be emergent ways to play levels but some levels could be designed tightly so that one wrong move means death.


  • Objects will get stuck in corners and can’t be pushed out. (bombs, crates)
  • Being able to jump 1 lava tile makes us have to account for shortcuts.
  • Should saws be able to break a bomb if you push a bomb into its way? (Yes)
  • Switches could modify anything… Land appearing, toggle objects
  • Key walls could be pushed into narrow pathways to block the hero.
  • Should hero be allowed to jump land onto objects like a key wall? (No)
  • The hero can push, what could hero pull?
  • Players will be able to lure enemies into traps and activate switches.
    • Enemies will vary in intelligence (trap avoidance).
  • More steps increase chances that the player makes a mistake.


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