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post-beta cleanup

Post beta clean-up

Hi everyone,

This week we’re going to spend some time cleaning up after our Beta release of Furdemption. Its time to fix some bugs and clean up our visual files. So far the feedback from Furdemption has been very positive¬†and we¬†want to thank our fans for their continued support, you rock!

Here are some action items for us this week:

  • Fix the bugs and clean up, get ready for the next sprint
  • Add some hard levels, a lot of people blasted through the beta levels
  • Test out some new rabbit wearable items (we have to check to see if we can get it to look good with the perspective)
  • Polish death animations
  • Gear up to create level packs
  • We’re thinking about separate level packs for the really challenging levels. Some players aren’t as quick with the swiping but we still want them to have fun.

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