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Furdemption rebranded to “King Rabbit”

We will be naming the Furdemption sequel “King Rabbit”. Since the main character is a rabbit and a king, the name is fitting. Furdemption is a play on the English words “Fur” + “Redemption”, and doesn’t translate to other languages. King Rabbit is much easier to understand and works on a more global level.

Better readability and comprehension

When we come out of the sloth den and talk to people about the game, they often have a confused look on their face when we say “Furdemption”. King Rabbit is much easier than Furdemption to remember. App names are super important and we feel this is a good decision for our little company. King Rabbit will have the same great underlying structure as Furdemption, with a ton of added improvements and polish. We’re very excited to share the game with you March 2016.

3 Comments on “Furdemption rebranded to “King Rabbit”

  1. I guess that’s a good decision. I had a hard time explaining my friends what furdemption means and how it is written. Long live King Rabbit!

  2. Just ask the guys who made 1000000 how important a good, memorable name is! Haha! Great work on a great game!

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