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IMGA “Excellence in Gameplay” nomination

Furdemption – A Quest for Wings” was nominated for excellence in gameplay for the 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards. What an honor! The people at IMGA asked us a few questions, we thought we would share our answers with you!

What makes your game unique?

Yesterday, we watched someone play Furdemption. After a few levels they looked up and grinned “When I play this, it makes me feel like a kid again.” An experience can make you feel something that is perhaps out of reach. An experience affects you and influences you. We made that one person feel the joy of being a kid again for just a little while – seeing this is worth more than any award. All games are a unique experience in some way. Furdemption is a game created by two people, where our own gaming history has influenced the outcome. “Being unique” was never a goal, but rather a byproduct of design process where our focus was to create something amazing! From a technical and design perspective, Furdemption’s modularity allows us to craft an infinite number of puzzles. Each new puzzle item we add creates depth and excitement for our players.

Why do you think you will win the Grand Prix this year?

We’re in a competitive space with lots of incredible games. We were successful in breathing new life into the action puzzle genre. The technical execution, amazing level design, and handcrafted art are all strong points that make Furdemption a strong competitor! Furdemption is a success in many ways, but with any game there is always something to improve. Its been amazing to be able to add onto the Furdemption experience with the sequel “King Rabbit” coming out March 2016.

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