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Furdemption Level Editor

The use of tools has allowed humans to achieve an incredible amount throughout history. Tools are an investment in which you spend some time right now to earn back a lot more time in the future to allow you to do more. Finding the right tools can be a challenge depending on what you’re trying to find. We wanted a tool that would allow us to build levels for Furdemption quickly and without hassle. We found Tiled to be pretty beneficial for most use cases, but our game was becoming large and more complex, requiring more meta data to be editable. Tiled allowed us to define key-value pairs for different objects, but the process of doing so was time consuming. We needed something more suitable.

Enter the Furdemption Editor. We created a standalone app that runs on iPad and iPhone that allows us to create a level from start to finish in about 5 minutes. It consists of a tile grid in which you tap to shape the land and to add various objects. The code for the various tiles and objects is organized into a static library to be reused in the actual game, saving us from having to duplicate code.

2015-02-15 00.05.29
2015-02-15 00.09.23

As you can see, the editor is really basic right now, but it gives us what we need to generate what you see in the game. The game also auto-updates when starting up so our iteration time between editing a level and testing it is near zero. Best of all, this editor will be the seed of a potential companion app to Furdemption, which will allow anyone to make their own levels to challenge their friends with and to share with the world.

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