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Furdemption level editor

Furdemption level editor design thoughts

We’re planning to add a level editing experience to Furdemption in the future, but there are several design considerations that need to be thought through. How can we design the level editing process so that the levels created conform to some standard of quality without it feeling like its restricting creativity? Of course we could simply let it be a free for all, but then the players consuming the levels will have a negatively impacted experience.
  • A guide to explain all of the items
  • Not considering screen size of the iPhone when building a level
  • Making levels too long / boring
  • Making levels that require too much swiping to complete
  • Making levels too performance intensive
We could have a lot of validation that takes care of these issues. Limiting amount of objects you use is also a possibility. For example we could restrict the number of objects used so that the performance doesn’t suffer and the levels don’t get too extreme.
What alternative routes could we take that still employs the level editing / creative process but is more carefree and less prone to mistakes?
Instead of simply building puzzle levels could we somehow create a turn-based multiplayer experience using the existing items in the game?

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