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Furdemption level design contest details!

Best level: $25 itunes
2nd: $15 itunes
3rd: $10 itunes

Get Started:
1.) If not already on our list, signup here so we can invite you to download the App. (Its not available in the AppStore)
2.) Download Furdemption Builder with the e-mail invite we sent you, check your spam folder! E-mail me if you didn’t get an invite after 24 hours.
3.) Make sure your level is published! Once you publish you’re done! You can publish up to 15 levels.

On October 29, 2015 we will announce the top 3 levels via twitter and facebook! Winners will be e-mailed their prizes and forever have bragging rights.

How we’ll choose the winner:
What we’re primarily looking for is good design and creativity. Your goal is to create the most fun and interesting level possible. You shouldn’t try to create the hardest level possible, although a challenge can be good. Levels will be judged by the RareSloth team.

Cloning levels
At the end of playing a level there is option to clone the level for yourself. You are allowed to clone anyone else’s level as a starting point, but you must add your own edits. 

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