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Furdemption 2 beta

Furdemption 2 – Beta announcement

When testing Furdemption 1, we had an overwhelming amount of beta testers. This time, we’re having a closed beta for those people on our mailing list. There’s still time to subscribe as we won’t start testing until early February. We will reveal the first few level packs to our beta testers. We are still exclusively iOS, sorry Android people! Our engine restricts us to iOS – both a blessing and a curse.

The story of the sequel:

We’ve always been a fan of the games that leave most of the game story up for interpretation. We love games with strong gameplay above all. You can see how our games are typically light on the story. Nonetheless, here is a short bit of story behind Furdemption 2:
The King Bunny is finally flying home after finally finding enough feathers Furdemption – A Quest for Wings. The King arrives to a warm embrace at his Castle in the forest. He quickly realizes that all has not been well in the castle since his disappearance. The under-creatures have been capturing his bunny people – torturing them and using them for food.
Distressed, the King Bunny asks his castle blacksmith to craft him a special set of crowns to use against his arch-enemies. Guide the King on his dangerous journey through the Forest, Dark Forest, and Hell.

Furdemption 2 Features:

  • Tons of new items and skins
  • New music for levels
  • Fresh level designs
  • New themes to enjoy
  • Same great gameplay style

What do we need help with?

  • Most importantly, we want your brutally honest feedback. Give us your unfiltered thoughts on our TouchArcade thread.
  • Try to break the game. Try to do a lot of weird swipes and quick taps that you might not normally do during regular gameplay. Usually there’s a few little bugs that are rare edge-case phenomenons. We want the game to be rock solid and bug-free. Be as sensitive as possible to any “weirdness” you might discover, and let us know!
  • Give us your ratings on the levels using a 1-5 star system. 1 being the worst, 5 being the best. We want to get a good feel on which levels you love the most.

Thank you

Nearly 7 years cumulative time has been spent playing Furdemption 1. That fact blows us away. We realize that we can’t do this game thing without our fans, you guys lift us up and inspire us to keep making games – thank you.
Note: we can’t guarantee that every subscriber will get access. We want to keep this beta small and efficient, so we won’t be able to invite every subscriber.

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