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dynamic turret

Dynamic turret – new item!

Dynamic turret will auto fire and auto rotate

We’re very excited to reveal our latest Furdemption Invention, straight from our sloth brains. Dynamic Turret items are auto-firing and auto-rotating, making them very fun to play with. If you step on a pressure plate or a hit lever, you can stop the rotation of the turret but it will continue firing. This allows you to manually change the rotation of the turret. You can also push the turrets as if they were a crate, but don’t get shot in the face! Metal turrets will float in the lava, which allows you to stand on top them while the turret is still firing. This new set of items will go great with both Action and Puzzle game modes.

There will be three types of turrets:

Fire Turret: Made of metal, the fire turret shoots fireballs. Fireballs will burn anything that is made of wood. Enemies and rabbits will get burnt. Metal turrets float in lava!
Poison Turret: Made of wood, the poison turret shoots poisonballs. Poison balls will poison enemies and rabbits. Wood turrets float in water!
Demon Turret: Made of demon glass, the projectiles shoot demon saws and will break walls and bounce off of enemies.

The turret technology was originally invented by the our civilization to defend the castle from predators. Unfortunately our technology was stolen and is now being used against our own citizens… The war is not over, our superior intelligence will conquer all odds.

– Rabbit King

Disclaimer: we’re going to be iterating on lots of stuff here, so expect the final release in March, 2016 to look even better! Let us e-mail you when we release the game!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below, your feedback is very important to us.


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