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Action and Puzzle game modes

Action and Puzzle levels will now be separate groups of levels

In Furdemption 1 the action and puzzle levels were bundled together. We found that some players enjoy the puzzle levels more, while others enjoy both types. For the sequel, we decided to split up our levels up into two game modes; Action and Puzzle. Splitting these levels up will allow us to fine-tune two separate experiences that might appeal to different audiences. Having a separate place for action levels is going to allow us to make the action levels very fast-paced, similar to Geometry Dash. 

Puzzle: These levels might feel similar to Sokoban or Chips Challenge – classic crate pushing and lock and key puzzle games. We’ve added a added Zelda adventure feel and a fresh art style. The puzzle type of experience appeals to casual players and hardcore players alike, but it’s much more relaxing and engages the more logical part of your brain. Since it doesn’t rely on fast swiping, it is accessible to all ages (even Grandma!) and still difficult enough to challenge even the most experienced gamers.

chips challenge puzzle game   sokoban puzzle game

Action:  This experience is going to be more twitch-based so you’ll have to rely on your finger agility and reactions. In some ways, these levels will feel similar to Geometry Dash. In Geometry dash the levels are quite long, our levels will be shorter but there will be more of them. We’ll be able to crank up the difficulty on these levels so get your fingers ready. You can expect platform hopping and saw dodging!

Its quite special to be able to have two very distinct experiences within one game, and still make it feel like its all part of one world. This was not planned and was just a magical outcome of the development process.

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