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Living Apps

Being a fresh startup isn’t easy. We don’t have much of an audience even though we’re convinced we can produce games that are as good as any out there. Yukon Warrior was released for free in hopes of getting downloads, and more of a following from those downloads. Our reach isn’t great right now, but still, hundreds of people are playing our game and potentially telling their friends about it. We’ve put ourselves on the map.

Our main goal now is to stay on the map by keeping our players playing and to reach out to new players. In order to do that, we have to keep our app updated. We’ve been discussing our game with a lot of friends and family to gather as much feedback as possible. Of course we got a lot big feature requests, but we also learned about some bugs that were nothing short of annoying (especially to me as the programmer who put them out there). We put in a couple solid weeks of work to clean up some things and now have an update in review.

We want to surprise our current players and impress new players so we’re determined to release an update each month with awesome features. Version 1.1 should be out there soon with a whole new leaderboard as well as UI tweaks and bug fixes. As always, give us your feedback on twitter @raresloth.

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