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IMGA “Excellence in Gameplay” nomination

“Furdemption – A Quest for Wings” was nominated for excellence in gameplay for the 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards. What an honor! The people at IMGA asked us a…

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King Rabbit header image

Furdemption rebranded to “King Rabbit”

We will be naming the Furdemption sequel “King Rabbit”. Since the main character is a rabbit and a king, the name is fitting. Furdemption is a play on the English words…

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Furdemption 2 is coming!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the upcoming Furdemption 2. We will be launching the beta on Monday! If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get early access to…

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Sokoban in Furdemption

What is Sokoban? Sokoban is Japanese for “warehouse keeper”, so it’s not surprising these games feature a character pushing crates to desired locations. Sokoban games are logic based and usually require…

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Furdemption 2 beta

Furdemption 2 – Beta announcement

When testing Furdemption 1, we had an overwhelming amount of beta testers. This time, we’re having a closed beta for those people on our mailing list. There’s still time to subscribe…

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rabbit king

Rabbit King special abilities

Rabbit King will smite his enemies using magic crowns The rabbits typically rely on their intellect over physical strength. However, the Rabbit King has exclusive access to some magic abilities…

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dynamic turret

Dynamic turret – new item!

Dynamic turret will auto fire and auto rotate We’re very excited to reveal our latest Furdemption Invention, straight from our sloth brains. Dynamic Turret items are auto-firing and auto-rotating,…

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geometry dash

Action and Puzzle game modes

Action and Puzzle levels will now be separate groups of levels In Furdemption 1 the action and puzzle levels were bundled together. We found that some players enjoy the puzzle levels…

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Shooting spiders will haunt you

Shooting spiders that shoot their heads and regrow them In Furdemption 1 poison-shooting spiders make you swell up and explode. We added another projectile thats even better – spiders that…

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Super secrets in the sequel

New super secrets in Furdemption 2 may never be discovered We’ve always been fans of secrets in games, there’s something special about finding a super secret easter egg. It feels…

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