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RareSloth looks back at 2015

If you are reading this, thank you. Without you as our fans, our work would be meaningless. <sloth hug>

February – Going full-time

At the start of the new year, we quit our jobs in Kansas City and moved to Bloomington, Indiana. We couldn’t wait for the forthcoming venture. Upon our arrival we set up quickly and immediately got to work on Furdemption. A solid prototype was already done by this time, we just had to follow-through and execute for the next 5 months! We didn’t expect it would take us so long, but we are sloths so what do we know about “time” anyway.

June – Indy PopCon!

We attended our first real convention (Indy PopCon in Indianapolis). The enthusiasm and excitement from the fans was so authentic and palpable. After shutting ourselves away for months this was a great way to get re-energized. We learned about Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, whom we had never heard of until that day… We had released just before the conference (read about this journey) and were the #1 hot new game on TouchArcade!

July – Furdemption was featured by Apple!

Furdemption was featured on Apple’s best new games list on the AppStore. To be featured was the best case scenario for a fresh indie company. Apple continues to feature Furdemption in smaller categories which makes us feel like the quality of our game has been validated.

August – The Widow’s Den

We release an expansion for Furdemption for free! This expansion included 40 more levels and a bunch of fresh items and secrets. It was well received by the community.

September – Level editor was born

We had wanted to release a level editor so players could build and share their levels. Through our testing and our timelines we discovered that there were too many inherent issues for it to be commercially viable. Releasing a sequel to Furdemption is going to provide a lot more value to a wider range of players!

October – Level editor takes a nap

Towards the end of this month we decided to table the level editor which we had been working hard on. It was sad to set it aside, but our pivot to creating a sequel was rejuvenating.

November – Furdemption 2 was born

So many players love our game so we decided to create a sequel. Furdemption 2 is well underway and we plan to release at the end of March. After our release we will continue releasing new content for players, while starting on a fresh project.


Being an indie in this industry is tough, there’s no question there. There is entrenched competition with millions of dollars to spend. However, we know our strengths:
  • Lean and mean: We can pivot quickly like we did this year with the level editor.
  • Being “indie”: The community raises us up! Although the benefits here seem to be dwindling as time passes.
  • Low overhead.
  • Providing original and niche gameplay experiences.
  • Customer relationships: We keep in touch with our fans in TouchArcade’s forums and via e-mail. We are close to our customers.
  • Innovation and creativity: We’re confident in our ability to deliver original experiences… We don’t do match-3s or clash of clans clones.

Goals for 2016

  • Release a fantastic Furdemption 2
  • Furdemption 2 on TV?
  • Create our first game in Unity
  • Hire more help!

Special thanks!

  • TouchArcade – our go-to place for mobile game news and we read nearly everything. We back their Patreon because they create significant value in the mobile gaming community.
  • PhoneCats – for being the first Twitch streamer to cover Furdemption! Your positive attitude and contribution to mobile gaming is admirable. We hope to see you continue for many years.
  • Thank you sincerely to the many review sites and bloggers that shared something about Furdemption in 2015… You make it happen.
  • Thank you to the awesome fans that have helped us translate the game into 13 different languages. Because of you we are able to share our game with the world!
  • Thank you to the fans that participated in betas and user testing!

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