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King Rabbit indie mobile game sales stats

Indie mobile game sales stats for King Rabbit, the sequel to Furdemption.

First three months sales stats

The first three months were very successful for a project of this scale. Our proceeds for the first three months were $82,562 which includes proceeds from IAP as well as ad revenue. The proceeds were split nearly equally between IAP and ads, with ads taking the lead. This has been a great deal more income than the prequel to King Rabbit. You can read more on Furdemption’s sales statistics here.

First year indie mobile game sales stats


Development costs

The App business is great for many reasons, one of which is the low overhead. Using our savings, we lived in a modest $600/mo. apartment for a year while keeping other expenses low. We used Cocos2d for the game engine, which is free and open source. We have a few other expenses but we have managed to keep them quite low. I doubt we would be able to accomplish what we have if we had dependents or other expensive obligations. While we worked in the corporate world we saved our money knowing we would eventually pursue this dream.


This isn’t the type of game that you would drop hundreds on, maybe just a few dollars on expansions or hints. We wanted to diversify our earning potential so we added interstitial and rewarded video advertisements. Once a player buys any IAP, the interstitial ads go away – this is a nice little perk to incentivize users to make their first purchase.

Double item packs

Players can collect item packs in the game which can be used in the level builder. After the player opens a pack, they have the option to get a bonus pack for watching a video ad. This leads to around 50% of our rewarded video watches.

Free app of the week

Free app of the week was a huge boost to our earnings. We had just added ads to the game which annoyed many players, because they don’t expect to see ads in a premium game gone free. In hindsight there was an awkward transition from premium to F2P, a transition that we only recommend if absolutely necessary. Most players won’t appreciate drastic change. Results from the Free App of the Week for those considering asking Apple to promote their App with this program.

Continuing to monetize with small player base

As we get deeper into the long tail and Apple stops featuring us I believe that we will have fewer but more dedicated players. We have added level pack expansions which should increase the life time IAP revenue numbers.

What’s next?

We will update King Rabbit with a huge update coming this holiday season, 2016. We’ve also started designing and developing our next game, which we are very excited about. If you want the occasional update on the development process, please subscribe here.


We are giving out this data to give back to the indie game community and fans. We don’t claim to be great at data analytics, so use our mobile game sales stats at your own risk! Let us know in the comments below what other game statistics you’d like to see and we will be happy to share in the next installment!

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