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“AppLovin” displayed sexually explicit Ads in our game without consent

Recently our mobile game King Rabbit – Classic displayed a sexually explicit advertisement to our players through a third party ad network, AppLovin. It is never our intention to show inappropriate ads, that is unethical and it violates the trust of our customers. No one should have to see inappropriate ads in a cute rabbit game. Here’s what happened:

We use third-party ad networks that serve as a “middlemen” between advertisers and developers. These ad networks are responsible for ensuring that the ads served fit within content guidelines and are age-appropriate for the app. One of our ad networks “AppLovin” failed to do this and showed an explicit ad. Some of our players saw the ad and notified us.

After contacting AppLovin, they tried to pass the blame to another third party. We will no longer be doing business with this ad network and we have removed them from our stack.

Although we would like to get rid of ads entirely, they represent > 50% of our revenue. Any purchase made within the game will remove ads permanently.

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