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Broadcasting and fall update

Hey friend. We’re squeezing in a small update this month to be released on October 27th, 2016 (get notified). We’re still on track to release our winter update and level builder update in the coming months! Some lucky players from our mailing list will be able to test the level builder within the next month.


Show off your King Rabbit gameplay with ease. One way to stream is to download Mobcrush on your iOS device. You will also be able to record your gameplay for easy uploading to YouTube. Since broadcasting is very new, you will only be able to broadcast if you have iOS10 installed on a newer device.


Fall and Halloween-themed customizations to get festive with your gameplay. If there is a customization option that you really want, let us know on Twitter. 🙂

Fire for all

Great news! The Fire Adventures expansion will be free for everyone to play. It will be unlocked after you find 240 gold. If you already bought the expansion, you will receive 3 free hints and 400 free gems automatically ($7.00 USD value).

Why are you making the fire expansion free?

In January we are adding a level builder to King Rabbit. With this addition, players will be able to play unlimited levels for free. It wouldn’t be right to charge for player-made levels. Therefore, there is little incentive (other than being awesome) to purchase our expansions. We will be releasing 64 winter themed levels on November 17th, and those will be free as well. 🙂

King Rabbit Winter expansion

Level builder and Winter expansion!

King Rabbit Winter expansion!

Earth has frozen over and new life emerges from the shadows. Winter has come. You can expect 64 great new levels in a fresh theme. Of course you’ll have new items, enemies, and Rabbit customizations to explore. We’ll be posting specific teasers via twitter, instagram, and the TouchArcade forums. 🙂

We will be releasing the King Rabbit Winter expansion completely free just in time for the holidays.

Winter expansion release date: November 17, 2016

King Rabbit level builder!

Hurrah! We have long desired adding a level builder to King Rabbit, and had previously delayed development on it to focus on the release of King Rabbit. A level builder is hugely complex for many reasons which is why this decision was not to be taken lightly. We’ve committed to this monumental task and its going to be great! The builder will be added to the existing King Rabbit App.

Level builder release date: January 11, 2017

Sign up for a chance to get early access

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Fire Adventures Update

King Rabbit is getting an awesome update coming out May 12th, the Fire Adventures Update!

16 campaign levels 

The campaign continues. Free for all players! You can now see which levels have diamonds in them.

64 new levels in the Fire Adventures Expansion.

These levels all have fur-scorching fire elements in them. Prepare yourself for some beautifully designed and challenging levels! King Rabbit now has 176 levels with more expansions planned. On sale for $.99 for the first 72 hours after release, after 72 hours the price will go up to $1.99.

8 new characters

Peach, Snobby, Albino, Demon, Jackalope, Leprechaun, Zombie, Lovely. Unlockable with diamonds.

10 new customizations

As you run, leave behind a trail of clovers, hearts, bones and more! Unlockable with diamonds.

8 new achievements

5 new leaderboards

Customize Rabbits

So… What’s next?

A few of our friends have asked us what’s next for RareSloth! Here is what we have planned so far for the rest of this year (subject to change):

Updating King Rabbit (2016)

As long as people keep playing King Rabbit and loving it, we will work to keep it updated. We can’t keep up with your demand, so we’re hiring some level designers to help.

  • New levels – We will finish out 4 more Hell level packs and we’ll be working on our next theme. Expect a bunch of new levels early May. 🙂
  • Wasteland / Desert theme (Summer) – More hot stuff
  • New items – Pistons? Love turrets? Enemies?
  • New customization – Need a fresh look for your rabbit?
  • Winter theme (Holidays) – Lets cool off a bit, alright?

A new game (2016 – 2017)

King Rabbit can’t be the game we work on forever, so we’re going to be working on a new experience! We’re still very unsure of what we’re going to make, but we’re playing with some multiplayer ideas and different art styles. We’ll start sharing some stuff as soon as we have a more clear direction.

King Rabbit – Officially released!

King Rabbit launched on the AppStore March 23, 2016. If you didn’t hear the news, we’ve renamed “Furdemption 2” to “King Rabbit”.


  • There will be 96 levels in the initial release, and we plan to add more levels (and themes) in subsequent releases. Be patient though, there are only two of us and we want to do a quality job.
  • Localized in 13 languages… A big undertaking for our small company.
  • Custom music for every level pack crafted by independent music contractors, we support indies too!
  • Achievements and leaderboards
  • Blood will be turned off by default, and easy to turn on in the options menu.
  • Customize the King Rabbit’s death!
  • iCloud support
  • Universal on iOS, exclusively iOS


Our monetization strategy was hotly debated on We carefully considered every comment and e-mail. We’ve worked hard to design our monetization so that its fair to the players, while keeping food in our bellies long enough to release another game. As always, we want to be transparent with our decisions.

King Rabbit will cost $.99 to download. Enjoy unlimited lives and stamina :).

Our optional IAP’s are as follows:


If you get stuck, you can buy hints to help you beat the level and find all of the coins.


Diamonds are well-hidden in the levels, so it feels good when you find them. You can also collect free gifts with diamonds in them. If you’re feeling slothy and don’t collect all of the King’s gold, you may have to spend diamonds to unlock the next pack of levels. Diamonds will also be used customize the King Rabbit. For the release, you’ll be able to customize how the King Rabbit dies. We plan to add more customization options in the future.

Slow Time:

This ability slows down all moving objects, except for the King Rabbit. This power gives you a little help to beat those challenging action levels. You can buy this ability with Diamonds or a 1-time purchase for infinite charges.

Beta Testing

We are no longer taking new beta testers. In the future if you want early access to our games you can subscribe here. Our existing subscribers will be able to continue playing. 🙂

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