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Removing the leaderboard

We made a mistake adding a leaderboard to King Rabbit because it does not align with the core values we created for King Rabbit. The leaderboard creates pressure for players to skip to find “easy wins” which does not make you think. King Rabbit is not competitive and has never been about how quickly you can grind through content. We want you to savor your journey and challenge your mind without feeling pressured to play more. You deserve quality over quantity. The leaderboard will be removed in the next update and three limited edition rabbits will be awarded each week via eggs found randomly in levels.

Why we created King Rabbit

To create joy and enrich minds.

The problem we’re solving

If you’ve downloaded mobile games in the past you’ll agree many of them offer temporary satisfaction or stimulation but don’t challenge or engage your mind. These games don’t leave us with any perceived benefits and thus make us feel like we wasted our time.

How we’re solving it

We believe playing King Rabbit will enrich your mind. King Rabbit is a community-driven puzzle game with a level builder. Things start out easy as you learn each item and how it works. Puzzles get increasingly difficult which engages your logic and problem solving skills. Once you’ve learned how the items work you can start building your own levels. Building levels exercises your creativity and puts what you’ve just learned into practice. There are endless possibilities; you can design your own mini games and logic machines. Our game can teach you basic logic concepts (like XOR gates) in a visual and intuitive way. Building levels can develop your focus, game design, and user experience design skills. Learning happens in a fun and engaging way, which is ideal for keeping people interested. When you build something novel, those new ideas benefit the community. Other players can build onto your ideas and the pool of content continuously evolves.

Buy and sell rabbits!

In a future update you will be able to buy and sell rabbits from other players using gems. 100 of each rabbit is “born” with an ID between #1 and #99. 

Some rabbits will be more desired than others. There is no guarantee that a rabbit will go up or down in value, it will be entirely determined the supply and demand forces of the community.

To earn rabbits without spending money you’ll have to find ways to earn gems in the game; builder tips, building premium levels, or trading rabbits for a profit. Our goal is to create a simple in-game economy where players can buy and sell rabbits for a profit. This is a way for players who are willing to spend money to subsidize IAP for players who won’t spend money.

We expect rabbit prices to fluctuate wildly. If you time it right, you could make large profits with your rabbits. When new player numbers spike, if your rabbit is one of the few on sale during that time you should be able to sell at a higher price.

We will add new rabbits to the game slowly over time. These will be either sold or given to players in-game at RareSloth’s discretion.

If you’re reading this you’re one of the earliest adopters and I hope you’ve enjoyed this information. We cannot guarantee anything of course, trade at your own risk.

More details to come…


Earn gems for building!

Attention everyone, we have some VERY exciting news for you!

Would you like to earn premium currency for your levels to buy rabbits and other IAP? Starting now, we will be selecting high quality levels from the community to be featured in expansion packs. If your level is of high quality and is selected for an expansion, you will earn a percentage of every sale in gems. This is a way for builders to be recognized by the community while earning premium currency!

The first 100 sales of each expansion will include a limited edition rabbit. Players who purchase expansions can feel good knowing their purchases are supporting the builders directly. They get better content to play, AND rare rabbits that will be exchangeable in the future. Limit one expansion purchase per account.

This helps RareSloth free up time spent building levels to focus on making the game better and adding new features and content. RareSloth will keep a percentage of each expansion sale.

We feel this is a win – win – win for players, builders, and RareSloth.

Questions, concerns, feedback? Let us know in the comments below.


Limited edition Rabbits

This update (released on Steam Early access June 10, 2019) is special because it introduces limited edition rabbits. Only 100 of every rabbit will ever be available. Each rabbit includes an ID from #1 to #100. The ID you get upon purchasing a rabbit will be randomly chosen from the remaining ID’s.

Why should I buy a rabbit?

Once they’re gone, they’re gone. As the player base grows and expands onto other platforms like console and mobile, getting rabbits will become increasingly competitive. It’s early now and competition isn’t so fierce. Buying a rabbit now could be a good investment. 😉

Where will my rabbit be seen by other players?

When players play your levels, they will see your “rabbitar” at the top of the screen. In future updates, we will be introducing more social / multiplayer features where you can show off your rabbit in style.

How do I get a rabbit?

Currently the only way to obtain a rabbit is to buy one with premium currency in the rabbit tab.

Can I sell my rabbits?

Yes, in the future we will be adding features to sell your characters. In other words, your assets will not be locked to your account like other games (i.e. Hearthstone).

I had claimed a founders rabbit before, where is it?

If you were one of the earliest adopters and you previously claimed your founders rabbit, you’ll see it now in your account’s rabbit tab.

Any other questions?

Ask away in Discord.

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King Rabbit Builder Shortcuts

Since the first release of King Rabbit will be on PC, it gives us the opportunity to add some keyboard shortcuts to the level builder. These new shortcuts will make the building experience much smoother and easier to accomplish your ideas. Here’s the full list.

SaveCmd + S
UndoCmd + Z
RedoCmd + Shift + Z
Play modeCmd + P
Build modeCmd + B
Pan cameraRight Drag
Select itemLeft Click
Place duplicatesWhen having an item in hand, Cmd + Left Click to place duplicates of that item
Cycle item variationWhen having an item in hand, press Tab or the Number keys to change the variation (i.e. fire/ice/poison turrets)
Select/Move multiple tilesShift + Left Drag to select, then Left Drag to move
Edit itemRight Click
Cycle edit layerWhen editing an item, press Tab to cycle through the layers on the tile. You can also right click the tile again to cycle layers.
End editingEsc
Erase itemAlt + Left Click