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king rabbit furever

King Rabbit – Furever Builder Shortcuts

Since the first release of King Rabbit – Furever will be on PC, it gives us the opportunity to add some keyboard shortcuts to the level builder. These new shortcuts will make the building experience much smoother and easier to accomplish your ideas. Here’s the full list.

SaveCmd + S
UndoCmd + Z
RedoCmd + Shift + Z
Play modeCmd + P
Build modeCmd + B
Pan cameraRight Drag
Select itemLeft Click
Place duplicatesWhen having an item in hand, Cmd + Left Click to place duplicates of that item
Cycle item variationWhen having an item in hand, press Tab or the Number keys to change the variation (i.e. fire/ice/poison turrets)
Select/Move multiple tilesShift + Left Drag to select, then Left Drag to move
Edit itemRight Click
Cycle edit layerWhen editing an item, press Tab to cycle through the layers on the tile. You can also right click the tile again to cycle layers.
End editingEsc
Erase itemAlt + Left Click
king rabbit ethereum

Ethereum and King Rabbit – Furever

We have been interested in the applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the game space, and how they can improve our customer experience. Here are our plans to integrate Ethereum wallets into King Rabbit – Furever.

Easy deposits and withdrawals

A simple Ethereum wallet gives you the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds. This makes it easy to spend ETH on in-game content. Players will still be able to use traditional methods to buy in-game currency, using Ethereum is completely optional.

Let players buy and sell content

Our community has built over 16,000 levels on King Rabbit with their iOS devices. As we improve and expand to other markets we expect the volume of player-created levels to balloon. We think it would be awesome for our players to be able to buy and sell their content. This includes 100% unique rabbits.

Rebalancing whaleth

Whales (big spenders) are what is driving the video game industry and more effort is being spent by big companies to acquire and monetize these whales. They do this because .15% of players generates 50% of in-game revenue. In a world where we have dramatic wealth inequality we think it be cool to redistribute a little of that wealth. We can accomplish this simply by letting players sell their in-game content to those willing to buy. Players can support their favorite level builders and community members simply by buying their levels.

We won’t be using the blockchain technology for in-game content. We will only be using the Ethereum network for currency deposits and withdrawals. 

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king rabbit infinite

INFINITE building and diamond expansion

We should be working on King Rabbit 2 right now. With iOS11 around the corner we decided to make a small update to King Rabbit. It turned out to be something much more!

INFINITE items, INFINITE building

Something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time is allow players to use all items without limitations. Now you can unlock unlimited items for the level builder for $7.99. This includes all rare and legendary items that you normally find in items packs. Grounds and walls will still be limited so the game performs well on all devices, but we will be increasing the max number of grounds and walls by a small amount. For those players who have already purchased item packs of any quantity, we will automatically upgrade your account to “infinite builder” status. We want to show our gratitude for your early adopter support, thank you! We hope this update will make builders happy as well as further improve the overall quality and creativity of level designs. We can’t wait to see what you create. <3

Diamond Expansion

We have added a fourth expansion to bring the total campaign levels to 512. It was difficult once again to choose only 64 levels of the thousands of community levels. If you have already purchased all three expansions, this one will be on the house. That’s right, the diamond expansion is FREE for those who bought the previous 3 expansions. Thank you for supporting indie game development.

Other updates

  • Free players can now obtain free item packs in the store at any time by watching an ad.
  • Added a “don’t ask again” button in the gift reminder modal.
  • Diamond rabbit skin
  • New run and death particle effects
  • Minor UI design improvements
  • Increased max # of grounds and walls in builder 😉
  • Updated the soundtrack in the homescreen

Level builder stats

Total Levels Created: 24016
Total Levels Published: 11137

sapphire expansion

Sapphire Expansion

This 64-level sapphire expansion features a special collection of community made levels. These levels are difficult, creative, or otherwise entertaining. It will be available on June 29, 2017 for $1.99.

Since the release of the level builder the community has created over 20,000 levels, 9,200 of which are published. With this many levels and more being added every day, you’ll turn into an old raisin before you can finish them.

Our goal with this expansion is to provide a condensed set of the best of these levels… We also want to showcase the creative power of the community while giving credit to the level creators. Another perk of this expansion is that it will be available to play offline! Some of these levels are incredibly difficult, and there will be no hints available. >:)

Each level creator that has a level in the expansion will get the expansion for free as well as 1,200 diamonds as a thank you. We have also loaded each of these levels with extra diamonds and item packs as a special thanks for your purchase and supporting our indie studio.

A considerable amount of time was spent selecting levels to be included in this expansion. There are surely many more amazing levels that we have yet to discover.

Did you hear? We are making King Rabbit 2

king rabbit 2

King Rabbit 2 – Announcement

We are officially making King Rabbit 2. Over the last few months we have been experimenting with a few game prototypes but nothing really “stuck”. It’s very important for us to work on a game that we can be passionate about long-term. King Rabbit is our flagship product, the best thing we’ve made, and something we still enjoy working on. We feel there’s still so much that could be done to make King Rabbit the ultimate puzzle-platforming experience. Here are some of our plans:


We will be changing the implementation from Cocos2d to Unity. Porting to unity requires re-coding the whole game. This is a huge undertaking but will allow us to publish on multiple platforms. King Rabbit is only on iOS and hundreds of people have asked us if it will be coming to Android, we can finally say we are! We feel that the gameplay simplicity of King Rabbit will work perfectly on PC and Console. We haven’t committed to a particular console, but King Rabbit feels like a good fit for the Nintendo brand!

A better community

We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of building a strong community. You saw the first of this with the level builder update where you can build and share your levels. This can all be improved, first we need to define what we want to achieve with our community:

  • Create a thriving ecosystem that provides constant value and enjoyment.
  • Make players more visible, provide a platform to thrive and build a reputation.
  • Give players the tools to create their own stories and challenges
  • Allow players to follow, unite, and connect with others.

Refined and pure

Its important that we keep the core of the game the same, so you can expect similar gameplay.

Porting the game allows us to refine every aspect. Re-architecting the game will give us a strong foundation and allow us to add more items and mechanics. In terms of art, we will move away from the retro feel and adopt something more smooth and modern. The animations and visual effects will all improve.

Your feedback is important!

Your feedback and support is a form of fuel for us. A sincere thank you to all of our fans over the past few years, you are the reason this is all happening. We are still very early in the development process, and we want to hear your thoughts. Now is the best time to pour your heart out and let us know what your dream for King Rabbit looks like. Submit your feedback now.

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