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About RareSloth

RareSloth is an independent game studio. Since quitting our jobs in 2014 we have released two games on the AppStore earning 2 million downloads. We are working on the sequel to King Rabbit, currently in early access on Steam. We will be porting to console and mobile in 2020. Read more about our story here.

Why we created King Rabbit

What is our purpose and what do we believe?
The book Start with Why inspired us to think deeper about “why” we created King Rabbit. This “why” keeps us in alignment with our core values.

Our “why”

Create joy and enrich minds.

The problem we’re solving

If you’ve downloaded mobile games in the past you’ll agree many of them offer temporary satisfaction or stimulation but don’t challenge or engage your mind. These games don’t leave us with any perceived benefits and thus make us feel like we wasted our time.

How we’re solving it

We believe playing King Rabbit will enrich your mind. King Rabbit is a community-driven puzzle game with a level builder. Things start out easy as you learn each item and how it works. Puzzles get increasingly difficult which engages your logic and problem solving skills. Once you’ve learned how the items work you can start building your own levels.

Building levels exercises your creativity and puts what you’ve just learned into practice. There are endless possibilities; you can design your own mini games and logic machines. Our game can teach you basic logic concepts (like XOR gates) in a visual and intuitive way. Building levels can develop your focus, game design, and user experience skills. Learning happens in a fun and engaging way, which is ideal for keeping people interested.

When you build something novel, those new ideas benefit the community. Other people can build off of your ideas and the pool of content continuously evolves.