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About RareSloth

RareSloth is the independent game studio working on King Rabbit in various iterations since 2014.

The problem we’re solving

If you’ve downloaded mobile games in the past you’ll agree many of them offer temporary satisfaction but don’t challenge your mind (looking at you match-3’s). These games offer slot-machine stimulation but don’t leave us with any lasting cognitive benefits.

How King Rabbit will enrich your mind

The game starts out easy as you learn each item and how it works. Puzzles get increasingly difficult which constantly engages your logic and problem solving skills. With innumerable level possibilities and 50,000 levels playable for free, you will always find something new to challenge your mind.

King Rabbit is a community-driven puzzle game with a level builder. Once you learn how the items work you can start building your own levels. Building levels exercises your creativity and puts what you’ve just learned into practice. When you build something novel, those new ideas benefit the community. Other people can build off of your ideas and the pool of content continuously evolves.