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A King Rabbit sequel?

Yes, King Rabbit was until now only available on iOS and was downloaded over 1.7 million times. Now, we’re rebuilding the game and bringing it to a wider audience.

A mobile game on PC?

We’re focusing exclusively on PC first until everything feels amazing. We will be continuously releasing updates for PC for a significant time before we release on mobile again.

What is the gameplay like?

Guide the King Rabbit through perilous levels to save your rabbit citizens and recover your kingdoms’ treasure. Levels are filled with puzzle elements and traps that will challenge you. Some levels are more thinking-based while others are more action-based.

What’s the same?

We’re keeping the original concepts and features – controls, grid-based gameplay, items, and rabbits. Everything has been reworked and will feel more perfect than the last King Rabbit.

What’s different?

Currently we’re still catching up to make sure King Rabbit has all of the features it had before. When we’re done with that:

  • Cross-platform play
  • Collectable rabbits
  • More items and decorations
  • Statistics and leaderboards
  • Crypto-currency support
  • Better filters (puzzle vs. action)


There will be so many levels that you can (hypothetically) play forever. 25,000 community levels have been built in King Rabbit and we expect 100,000 with this sequel.

When is it coming out?

You can download the Alpha and play right now on your PC or Mac. We don’t have any release schedules yet for Steam and mobile.

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