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What is King Rabbit – Furever?

King Rabbit – Furever is a sandbox puzzle-adventure game currently in development. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed iOS game King Rabbit – downloaded 1.4 million times. We will be releasing an Alpha version (PC only) at the end of February, 2018. The Alpha version will not be feature complete nor is it a representation of the final product. If you would rather wait for the final version, we will notify you of the official release – signup at the bottom of this page.

Play Free

Thousands of hours of content completely free for the community to enjoy. Players in King Rabbit have published over 16,000 levels. Our community is the reason this game is different from the rest.

Build Levels

Bring your creativity to life with the intuitive drag and drop level builder. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Watch Replays

Enjoy the experience of watching other players play your level.

king rabbit build

Earn Money

The game will be free, but you will be able to buy and sell in-game content for Ethereum. Each player will get an Ethereum wallet to deposit and withdraw funds. Read more about how we will use Ethereum.

Collectable Rabbits

No two rabbits are the same, every rabbit is unique and rabbit supply is limited. You’ll be able to play the game with your rabbit and show it off to others. Buy and sell your rabbits on the marketplace.

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