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emerald collection

Emerald expansion

This 64-level expansion features a special collection of community made levels. These levels are difficult, creative, or otherwise entertaining. It will be available on March 30, 2017 for $1.99.

Since the release of the level builder the community has created over 13,000 levels, 6,000 of which are published. With this many levels and more being added every day, you’ll turn into an old raisin before you can finish them.

Our goal with this expansion is to provide a condensed set of the best of these levels… We also want to showcase the creative power of the community, while giving credit to the level creators. Another perk of this expansion is that it will be available to play offline! Some of these levels are incredibly difficult, and there will be no hints available. >:)

Each level creator that has a level in the expansion will get the expansion for free as well as 1,200 diamonds as a thank you. We have also loaded each of these levels with extra diamonds and item packs as a special thanks for your purchase and supporting our indie studio.

A considerable amount of time was spent selecting levels to be included in this expansion. There are surely many more amazing levels that we have yet to discover. It is possible that we will add another level pack expansion in the future.

level builder

Level builder guide

This is a guide to help you get higher ratings on King Rabbit levels! The best levels have a chance to be selected by the RareSloth team and added to the campaign. The first community campaign will be released March 30.

Design backwards

Work backwards from the goal and create mini-challenges. Think about what you want your players to do and in which order. The more challenges you layer in, the harder the level becomes overall.

Iterate quickly

Play test segments of your level quickly to see how it feels. Watching your friend test your level is a good way to see what is working or isn’t working. You want people to be able to beat your level, but not too easily. Finding a middle-ground can be a challenge. If you find your level isn’t getting good ratings, try to look for points where the level might be frustrating for players, and make sure the level isn’t too easy to beat! You can always tweak your level designs which will reset your ratings.

Getting more items

You can find more items just by playing the community levels and the campaign levels. Item packs can also be purchased from the store with gems or real currency.

Go vertical

Design your level vertically to be friendly to iPhone users. If your level is too horizontal, it can be frustrating for iPhone users because they can’t see what’s outside their screen on the left and right. Designing vertically will lead to better ratings.

Stop and think vs. action

According to our research, players prefer “stop and think” levels more than “action” levels with lots of running around. Many players are very tired of the levels where you run over lots of breakable ground.

Harder = better

Our data says that the harder the level, the better the ratings. Levels that are too easy earn the lowest ratings. Players want challenges, but making it extremely difficult and hard to beat will mean you will earn fewer ratings.

Guide the player

You can give hints to the player by how you structure the level. A more linear path guides the player vs. an open-ended level where the player has no clue what to do next. Its nice to break up your level in sections, remember to design your level vertically instead of horizontally if possible!

Doubling-back is whack

Try to avoid making the player double back too much, for example making them run all the way to the start just to grab an item. Excessive swiping can get frustrating if the player has to keep repeating a mundane sequence.

Simple is better

Large levels can over-complicate the experience, many players will give up and skip your level. Levels that are smaller in size will earn higher ratings and rank higher in the level selection algorithm.

Focus on a few mechanics

Because there are so many items and infinite possibilities, it can be easy to lose focus. Try to focus on just a couple mechanics per level, and try to make it challenging! 🙂

Have patience

Good levels usually take us 30 minutes to build, and even with a lot of experience it still takes a lot of time. Take some time to relax and enjoy the creative process.

Will my level get into the campaign?

We choose highly-rated and otherwise interesting or challenging levels to put in the campaign. We are always looking for creative levels that are unique in some way. When we choose a level we create hints and sometimes hide secrets or level packs in the level.

level builder pre-release

King Rabbit level builder pre-release FAQ

We’re very excited to see what kind of stuff you will create, thank you for participating! If you have a question not answered here, let us know in the comment section below.

[IMPORTANT] How to finish / publish your level!

1.) Name your level

2.) Place 3 obtainable coins

3.) Beat the level yourself (with 3 coins). This ensures that beating the level is possible.

4.) Save the level

Your level should now be published! Come back later and see what kind of rating players have given your level.

If you modify your level, you need to beat it and save it again.

Note: we will be making this whole process a lot more intuitive in the next update.

Invite e-mail blank or not working?

This is a known issue which requires us to manually re-add you to testflight. Please e-mail us at and let us know and we’ll get it straightened out.

How do I get more items?

There’s a random chance of finding an item pack in any given community level. All you have to do is play community levels to find them. Since this is the pre-release, there may not be very many levels to play through until players build more levels. At a later time you can get more items via gifts, watching ads, and In-App Purchases.

Will I get to keep the items I find in the pre-release?

Yes! All created levels and items are tied to your account.

If I delete a level, what happens to the items in that level?

All of your hard-earned items will be returned to your inventory!

I found a bug! Now what?

Great! Let us know which level you found it on.

Why isn’t anyone playing my level?

It may not have been published. See “How to finish / publish your level”. You’ll know if your level is published if after a few minutes you see a rating next to your level.

Why can’t I share my level with my friends?

You will be able to when the game is officially released. During the pre-release version, sharing will be disabled.

When will the builder be officially released?

January, 2017 is the plan!


You’re experiencing an early version! We have many improvements coming. You might experience some bugs / glitches while playing and building. By participating you also agree to the updated Terms Of Service.

More questions? Please comment below!

King Rabbit Ice Adventures expansion


This is our biggest King Rabbit update ever! The update will be completely free available to play on Nov 17th. This update has been in production for a very long time, and its finally ready. Here are the highlights:

  • 64 new levels in a winter theme
  • 3 rabbit skins & other customizations
  • New items: ice ground & wall, pistons, ice and poison crowns, heart turret, and more!
  • New enemy: snowman
  • New enemy variations: fire, poison, ice


In preparation for our level builder update, we will be releasing an early version exclusively to 2,000 players on our mailing list. Since there are nearly infinite possible level combinations, there are likely to be a lot of little bugs that we need to work out. Our early beta testers can help us find these little buggers so we can fix them for the release. Testers can also send us feedback anytime if they have any suggestions on how to improve the level building experience. We expect to send out beta invites in the first week of December.


We plan to release the level builder for King Rabbit on January 11, 2017! This will significantly improve your King Rabbit experience as you’ll be able to create your own level experiences and play levels made by others. Building levels has always been time consuming for us, so the builder feature removes the bottleneck of us creating and releasing levels at a sloth pace. We love the idea of getting players creatively engaged, its good for the mind and its fun!

halloween sloth

Broadcasting and fall update

Hey friend. We’re squeezing in a small update this month to be released on October 27th, 2016 (get notified). We’re still on track to release our winter update and level builder update in the coming months! Some lucky players from our mailing list will be able to test the level builder within the next month.


Show off your King Rabbit gameplay with ease. One way to stream is to download Mobcrush on your iOS device. You will also be able to record your gameplay for easy uploading to YouTube. Since broadcasting is very new, you will only be able to broadcast if you have iOS10 installed on a newer device.


Fall and Halloween-themed customizations to get festive with your gameplay. If there is a customization option that you really want, let us know on Twitter. 🙂

Fire for all

Great news! The Fire Adventures expansion will be free for everyone to play. It will be unlocked after you find 240 gold. If you already bought the expansion, you will receive 3 free hints and 400 free gems automatically ($7.00 USD value).

Why are you making the fire expansion free?

In January we are adding a level builder to King Rabbit. With this addition, players will be able to play unlimited levels for free. It wouldn’t be right to charge for player-made levels. Therefore, there is little incentive (other than being awesome) to purchase our expansions. We will be releasing 64 winter themed levels on November 17th, and those will be free as well. 🙂