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King Rabbit Available Now!


The Fire Adventures expansion is available!

Play through 192 increasingly challenging levelsĀ in this sequel to Furdemption. With new and interesting items to learn, King Rabbit brings refreshing gameplay back to mobile. More features include:

  • 9 Characters to play as
  • 20 Customizations to unlock for your rabbit
  • Diamonds and secrets hidden throughout
  • Game Center – over 30 leaderboards and achievements
  • Universal for iPhone/iPad
  • iCloud Support


“The level design is a step up from the already fantastic work done in the first game”
– Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade Review

“What makes King Rabbit a supremely fun and challenging game is that it encourages you to use stage hazards to complete your mission.”
– Nadia Oxford, Gamezebo Review

“Visually, King Rabbit is stunningly gorgeous.”
– Christine Chan, AppAdvice Review


Furdemption – A Quest For Wings





“The level design isn’t just good to look at, but also expertly offers an increasing amount of challenge by gradually introducing new obstacles and enemies for you to overcome.”
– Tasos Lazarides, TouchArcade Review

“Every facet of this game deserves attention from puzzle fans and rabbit enthusiasts.”
– Nadia Oxford, Gamezebo Review

“Everything is increasingly addicting. Like watching Indiana Jones adventures.”
– Chedie Calayag-Cruz, PuzzleGameApp Review