King Rabbit by RareSloth - RareSloth Games


We were watching someone play King Rabbit. After playing a few levels they pulled their eyes away and said through a grin: “when I play this, I feel like a kid again.” This experience can make you feel something that is perhaps out of reach. We made an adult feel the joy of being a kid again for just a little while. King Rabbit is a game created by two people, where our own gaming history has influenced the outcome. “Being unique” was never a goal, our focus was simple: to provide a high quality puzzle experience and evoke joy.

King Rabbit is a puzzle-platformer set in a beautiful and dynamic world. Experience a collection of interesting puzzle items and enemies that challenge your mind and delight your senses. Immerse yourself in three beautiful themes ripe with secrets which may never be discovered. Easy to pick up and play and accessible to all ages. Blood optional.

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Intuitive Levels

Featuring 256 increasingly challenging levels carefully designed so you learn while playing. Each level is carefully designed for learnability and challenge without frustration.

“The level design is a step up from the already fantastic work done in the first game”
– Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade Review

Interesting Items

A ton of items to find and interact with; keys, potions, crowns, bombs, saws, levers, switches, spikes, shooting turrets, rabbit holes.

“What makes King Rabbit a supremely fun and challenging game is that it encourages you to use stage hazards to complete your mission.”
– Nadia Oxford, Gamezebo Review

Beautiful Art Style

A distinct and intricate art style, each piece is carefully drawn and animated.

“Visually, King Rabbit is stunningly gorgeous.”
– Christine Chan, AppAdvice Review